Secrets to Making a Successful Charter

A charter is not like any other trip you'd take with friends, mainly because you are going to undertake a small expedition in a closed environment (the boat) with no possible escape. So our main advice is to choose your crew very carefully. No whiners, short fused or impatient people. Choose a crew you know you are compatible with. There will always be unexpected circumstances: bad weather, or food being not exactly what you would like, etc. Your crew will have to be able to take this with good humor and grace.

Another key word is preparation. We can offer detailed advice on sailing route itineraries, the best places to moor and nice restaurants along the way. However, you should plan the trip properly, and possibly discuss the plans with your crew. It is a nice opportunity to start the fun early and somewhat assesses how your crew will behave.

Lastly, it is a good idea to have an undisputed skipper who will have the last word in problematic situations. A boat with two skippers is a fight waiting to happen!