Press Release 2013 (02/07/2013)

 Catamaran Cup 2013 Greece


Our Greece-Cup from Athens takes place again in may 2013. 


Greece is the chosen spot this year for the first time. With a seemingly infinite variety of bays and harbors ideal for community experiences, memorize and promoting team spirit. To the 16th male, there are the autumn-MC-Cup from Palma de Mallorca in October. Four times the Spring Cup in Turkish waters. This now should be a new area of the kick-off to explore, which brings Greek and other nationalities in the conversation with each other and closer together. Kick-off is the Saronic Gulf with its various nautical and cultural peculiarities.


The stable of the MC cups offers the possibility, to give a constant fleeting experience that accompanies the people not just for the moment, but over time. This is the multihull community, which has captured already several hundred people from many different